Hi there, I am Travis I am the owner of Visiting Angels of Sioux Falls. I have been the owner for nearly 2 years now. I want to create a space where I can share my ideas and insights on how and why it is possible for seniors to stay safe in their home even if they are in need of help with some or many activities of daily living. I plan to share insight from me and other industry experts on a weekly basis that we encounter out on the job. I also would like to answer commonly asked questions as well as provide useful tips.

The reason I got into home care is near and dear to me. I know firsthand from my own family, seniors want to remain in their own homes. I’ve also seen how hard and stressful it is for busy families to coordinate care for their loved one. Through this line of work I feel I am truly a part of something special. Every day I am witness to the bonds our caregivers have formed with our clients, thereby ensuring they maintain a safe quality of life and preserve their independence. I know the importance of what a little tender loving care can do for a person’s overall happiness and home is where life is meant to be lived. That being said there are many challenges families face when looking for the right care for their loved one. Will they be safe? How much does home -care cost? How do I know the caregiver will take good care of my loved one? How do I ensure the home is safe from falls? Can memory care be provided in the home? These are some of the most common questions we receive I would like to talk about all of them in a specific post. Also, there are many ways to pay for home-care. Veterans have many ways to get home care paid for. Here’s the deal home-care is ideal not only from the seniors perspective but also from a cost perspective. Home-care is a much cheaper option for someone who does not need around the clock care.

The goal of this blog post is to educate the public that staying in the home with all the care a nursing home can provide right in the home is possible and affordable for everyone. Please stay tuned for further posts.

Travis Remme

Owner Visiting Angels

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